Norbar EvoTorque 2 Electric Torque Tool

Norbar EvoTorque 2 Electric Torque Tool

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At TJI Solutions, we’re proud to introduce the Norbar EvoTorque® 2 Electric Torque Wrench, a forefront electronic torque tool designed explicitly for the precise application of torque to threaded fasteners.

This avant-garde wrench is equipped with ‘intelligent joint sensing’ technology that measures the joint continuously during tightening. Coupled with its dynamic braking system, it ensures minimal torque over-shoot.

The EvoTorque® 2 stands out with its adaptability to voltage and frequency changes, multiple target memory, and diverse modes of operation such as torque, torque and angle, and its innovative audit mode.

Available in both 110v or 230v a.c versions and ready for either hire or buy. Dive into our range and discover the precision and quality TJI Solutions offers in Norbar’s Electric torque  Wrench Products.

EvoTorque2 ET2-80

EvoTorque 2 ET2-92

Available with Network Rail Approval, Pelicase and Right Angle Gearbox  Call for More Information Operating range from…
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