Bolt Induction Heater

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Introducing the HELIOS 35+ Bolt Induction Heating System – the latest innovation in our hire fleet at TJI Solutions. This portable bolt induction heating system transforms bolting and shrink fitting operations with unprecedented efficiency, reducing typical heating times by up to 80%. Say farewell to the outdated and risky methods of electrical resistances and open flames, and welcome a new standard of safety and speed.

Currently available exclusively for hire, the HELIOS 35+ Bolt Induction Heater comes with the full support of our expert on-site service team. Our skilled engineers are at your disposal 24/7, ensuring that TJI Solutions not only supplies cutting-edge equipment but also the technical excellence and support to match.

For operations that demand precision, safety, and efficiency, the HELIOS 35+ by TJI Solutions is your premier choice. Contact us today to elevate your operations with the power of advanced induction heating technology.

We’re thrilled to introduce a Bolt Induction Heater our latest addition to our hire fleet – the HELIOS 35+, a game-changing portable bolt induction heating system! Designed to redefine bolting and shrink fitting operations, the Helios 35+ is not just efficient, but also a time saver, clocking up to an 80% reduction in time compared to traditional methods.

Wave goodbye to outdated methods like electrical resistances and open flames, and embrace a new era of safety and efficiency.

Looking to remove or install large size bolts / studs on gas turbines casings, steam turbines, or other static vessel applications such as heat exchangers?

The Helios 35+ is perfect for hole sizes starting from Ø 9mm up to more than 32mm, and lengths up to more than 1500mm. But it doesn’t stop there! With the option of ring-shaped inductors (or customized ones), you can perform shrink fitting or disassembly operations on any cylindrical component (think bushings, flanges, bearings, gears, etc.) up to diameters of Ø 600mm and beyond. Plus, the Helios 35+ is also available in a 4.0 smart version!

At TJI Solutions, we’re always striving to bring you the latest and greatest. Elevate your operations to new heights with the Helios 35+!

Interested in Hire ? Give The TJI Team a Call Today. Our highly skilled and dedicated engineers are on hand 24/7 for all of your enquiries and technical support.

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