Workshop Productivity and Safety – Teamwork

Workshop Productivity and Safety – Teamwork


Workshop Productivity and Safety - Teamwork


Working as a team is one of the most important things in a workshop. This week we are focusing on how teamwork can help with productivity and safety in the workshop.

  1. If you need someone else to help with a job – ask. Don’t take it on yourself as you could cause damage to yourself or the equipment.
  2. Look after your team. If you see someone doing something dangerous stop them.
  3. Working together can motivate you to get the job done quicker and safer.
  4. Teammates can learn from each other. Whether you are new to the job, or just in the door, you may spot something that can help a member of your team.
  5. Lead by example and treat everyone equally.

Featured Product:

PTS-80 Series

Workshop Productivity and Safety - Teamwork

Norbar EvoTorque® PTS-80 Series
Available in Single Trigger, Dual Trigger and Right Angle Gearbox
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The PTS is the result of an extensive design project to produce an efficient air motor, purpose built for this application in an accurate torque tool.

  • Designed to offer excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Up to 2.5kg weight saving compared with PT equivalents
  • Easily accessible switch for forward and reverse operation
  • ±5% repeatability of reading from 20% to 100% of range
  • Air coupling designed for safety and rapid operation
  • Directional exhaust barrel directs exhaust away from operator
  • Replaceable square drive
  • Fast operation for rapid bolt rundown. Up to 60% faster than PT-72 model
  • Non impacting – low vibration levels for comfortable and safe use
  • Steel reactions supplied as standard. Bespoke reactions available
Workshop Productivity and Safety - Teamwork

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Workshop Productivity and Safety - Teamwork



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