What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics

What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics


What Are Hydraulics?

Hydraulics are complicated mechanical functions that use the force of liquid pressure. They are commonly used in manufacturing machinery, the automotive industry, construction equipment and even aircraft. Controlled mechanical movements are produced by pumping highly pressurised liquid through the moving pistons of hydraulic cylinders, which transfers force from one point to another. Many components make up these highly complicated systems.

Anyone who needs to obtain hydraulics must know precisely what to tell their supplier when placing an order.

What Information Does a Supplier Require?

Hydraulic systems operate in various environments, affecting how they perform. Suppliers must be informed of some of the critical aspects of these environments so that they can give buyers the most suitable equipment for their needs. There are also essential safety regulations that must be met, and improper equipment can cause harm.

The first key aspect is the humidity levels. If there is too much water in the air, this can get into the complex machinery and cause damage. Special moisture-absorbing tanks may be required in tropical or marine environments to extract the extra water from the air. There are also special filters, called polymeric filters, can be added to the system. These can limit water content as well.

The second aspect suppliers must be told about is how much dust is in the air. There are many ways to control contamination by dust or dirt. Still, these modifications cannot be added if the supplier doesn’t know about them. This may be done using sealed and pressurised reservoirs or a vented reservoir with a bladder. This creates a barrier between the oil in the hydraulic system and the contaminated air in the tank.

Another vital factor to consider is the temperature of the environment in which you are operating. There are many different types of hydraulic fluids available, and temperature affects which one is most suitable. Ensuring your supplier knows the minimum and maximum temperatures of the environment will let them figure out if your system requires heating or cooling.

If there are any custom parts to the hydraulic system that you require, it is worth reaching out to a supplier, as they can often work with you to produce these.


Hydraulics are complicated, but ordering them doesn’t have to be. Working cooperatively and openly with suppliers will ensure a smoother process and a more successful hydraulics system.

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What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics

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What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics


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What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics


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What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics

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What You Need to Tell Your Supplier When Ordering Hydraulics



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