What a Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know

What a Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know

What A Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know

Hydraulic equipment is a risky business when trying to identify issues and problems. When troubleshooting issues, it’s important to know what you are doing, or at the very least, employ someone who knows what they are doing. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory on what is important. This is why today we will be breaking down the most important things every hydraulic trouble-shooter needs to know.

Understanding Of The Process: 

Before you troubleshoot anything in life, it’s best that you have a comprehensive understanding of everything involved. Hydraulic Troubleshooters should therefore know the function of all components before trying to assess the problem. This is especially important in Hydraulics as every component provides the equipment with a specific function.

Knowledge Of The Procedures:

When it comes to dealing with dangerous Hydraulic Equipment, the correct procedures are vital. If a hydraulic troubleshooter is not aware of the correct procedure, they may unwillingly misdiagnose a problem. For example, the so-called problem might only require a small tweak to get everything up and running again. However, if the problem is labelled as something more serious, a company might expend a lot of resources to fix something that was a simple fix all along.

On-the-Job Experience:

A Hydraulic troubleshooter should also have experience in dealing with the necessary tools, such as schematics. If a troubleshooter has never used a schematic before, they will be unable to understand the equipment and will therefore be unable to adequately troubleshoot a problem. Sure, you might be able to get away with simple tasks, but for anything complicated, a schematic is crucial.

Alongside the ability to read schematics, it is also vital that a Hydraulic Troubleshooter understands the importance of relevant symbols. When it comes to a valve, the symbol can include a wealth of information, such as whether or not it is normally open, its position and if it has a spring return. This is also valuable information that would be missed by anyone that can’t read hydraulic symbols.

Therefore, in order to be an effective Hydraulic troubleshooter, make sure you can read! Schematics and symbols, that is, of course.

There you have it, quick-fire information on what makes a successful hydraulic troubleshooter. Just remember that the process is dangerous and so while proper understanding and knowledge are important for successfully finishing a job, it is also crucial for your safety.

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What a Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know

POWER TEAM PB Series: Cordless Hydraulic Pump

The new Power Team PB Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump meets the mark with increased portability, longer run-time, more valve selections and remote “plug and play” control options. The PB Series pumps meet a wide array of high-pressure tool applications where portability and freedom of cordless power is needed.

Whether it is a spreading, nut splitting, lifting, bending, cutting or crimping application, the Power Team PB Series Hydraulic Pumps delivers the power needed to improve productivity while keeping safety in mind.

Value Delivered:
  • 10,000 PSI (690 Bar), 0.45 gallons (1,1 liters) oil capacity provides ample power to effectively cover a wide array of applications and uses for most trades.
  • Cordless, high powered 18VDC Lithium-ion 9.0Ah battery pack offers exceptional run-time.
  • Lightweight, only ~24 pounds (10,9 Kg), making those tight constraint, remote applications stress-free.
Performance you can rely on…

Our new Power Team PB Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump provides ample power for:

  • 90+ ~ pulls using a PTPHB-206 Puller
  • 75+ ~ spreads using a HS2000 Spreader
  • 50+ ~ crimps using a HP35 Crimpers
  • 40+ ~ splits using a HNS150 Nut Splitter
  • 20+ ~ lifts using a C104C Cylinder

Note: Each function achieved was based on one fully charged 9.0Ah battery pack @ maximum operating pressure, contact factory for specific details and materials used.

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What a Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know


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What a Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know

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What a Hydraulic Troubleshooter Needs To Know



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