Torque Wrenches – 8 Things You Need To Know

Torque Wrenches – 8 Things You Need To Know


  1. A Torque Wrench is used for tightening
    • It should never be used to loosen bolts
  2. Always Handle it carefully
    • When not being used make sure you store it away in its correct box and protect it from any shock
  3. Storage
    • If regularly used you don’t need to wind your torque wrench back, but if you are planning on storing it away for a while, always wind it down to the minimum scale setting, but never to zero
  4. Using your wrench on an anti clockwise thread
    • Most torque wrenches are set up to go in a clockwise direction, so make sure you check the wrenches specification before using it on an anti clockwise thread
  5. Do not use an extension on the handle
    • This will impair the set value from being correctly signalled
  6. Locking the Torque Wrench
    • Most torque wrenches will come with a safety locking mechanism . Makes sure to use this to avoid making any changes by accident
  7. Converting between different torque units
    • Make sure you are getting the most accurate conversion across different units of measure. You can do this manually or you can use a torque unit convertor app
  8. Maintenance
    • Make sure you have your torque wrench re-calibrated on a regular basis


Our calibration procedures and servicing facilities are all traceable to UKAS standards. Understanding the urgency and importance of customers requirements when it really matters means that our fully trained engineers are able to complete calibrations and servicing in under 24 hours, resulting in us becoming one of the most increasingly trusted names in the industry.

The certification we offer are as follows;

Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench


The TWLC, Low Profile Hydraulic Wrench was designed for the most inaccessible bolting areas found in the industry. Its long neck, short height, and small radius have all added to its
great success.


Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench Features:

  •  Low weight, high strength design
  • Superior torsional strength
  • Fast operation cycle
  • Fine tooth ratchet
  • Floating piston design
  • Link pin does not fall out
  • Auto-connect drive piston
  • Compact frame size
  • Rigid steel body construction
  • Swivel manifold internal relief valve prevents retract side over-pressurization
  • “Hardened” steel reaction pad on TWLC8, 15 & 30
  • Small nose radius
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Multi-axis high flow swivel manifold
    Simple design
  • Consistent torque output

TJI Solutions supply national coverage on a vast range of Controlled Bolting & Flange working equipment for Hire & Sale We also offer servicing and calibration for all your torque tooling. Making us a one-stop shop for all your torquing and bolting needs.

Our engineers are available to help with any technical requirements 24/7 365.


TJI Solutions – Torquing Your Language!!

Scotland: 01224 063 680

England & Wales: 0191 917 0576



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