Torque Safe – Two Modes, Same Safety

Torque Safe is the latest addition to TJI Solutions carefully selected distribution network.


The Torque safe range allows TJI to offer a safety switch for all brands, sizes and types of hydraulic torque wrenches. This provides a safety feature for the technician handling the hydraulic torque head positioning for use. This safety feature has been designed for preventing potential hand crushing injuries & easy manoeuvrability for bolting technicians.

Using a hydraulic torque wrench often requires two operators due to positioning of bolts, weight of the hydraulic torque head and sockets. One operator controls the on/off switch, and the other operator positions the hydraulic torque head.

Depending on the maintenance or break down task there are often multiple jobs performed in the same areas. When performing these tasks the working environment can be harsh due to noisy, repetitive and slow conditions. These factors have caused distractions and break downs in communications between both operators performing the task, resulting in serious injuries.

Torque Safe has been designed using the latest technology and manufactured with the latest precision machining available. The safety valve is positioned on the hydraulic torque head replacing the existing swivel joint where the hydraulic hoses connect. The valve is handle operated moving an internal spool assembly. With the normal operation (handle released) oil will pass through the valve.

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Tool Mounted

In the Tool Mounted version, the safety valve is positioned on the hydraulic torque head as a retrofit swivel that replace the existing swivel joint, where the hydraulic hoses connect. The valve handle is operated moving an internal spool assembly.

The safety feature ‘Torque Safe’ now enables the operator positioning the hydraulic torque head who is at risk, full control of the tooling. With the handle depressed this eliminates any unintentional movement by the second operator who has control of activating the hydraulic torque wrench via the pump As a result, ‘Torque Safe’ will eliminate these hand crushing incidents. This valve has been designed to not affect the operation of the Torque settings. The safety switch has been designed to be retrofit to all hydraulic torque wrench models available.

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