Torque Safe

Two Modes - Same Safety

Torque Safe is the latest addition to TJI Solutions carefully selected distribution network. The Torque safe range allows TJI to offer a safety switch for all brands, sizes and types of hydraulic torque wrenches. This provides a safety feature for the technician handling the hydraulic torque head positioning for use. This safety feature has been designed for preventing potential hand crushing injuries & easy manoeuvrability for bolting technicians.



Tool Mounted


Suitable for all Hydraulic Torque Wrench Types:

Suits the majority of Hydrualic Wrench Brands:

Torque safe are industry leading tools used in Oil & Gas, Petrochemcial & Refining, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Contractors, Marine, Defense & other industries.

Learn more in the official Torque Safe Brochue

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