Tips For Yearly Hydraulic Maintenance

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Tips For Yearly Hydraulic Maintenance


When dealing with highly volatile hydraulic equipment, one of the most important things you can do is find a system for regular maintenance. This is not only conducive towards safety but also helps prolong the life of your equipment. Here are some quick tips on properly maintaining your hydraulic equipment.

Clean Oil

One of the first things every hydraulic tool operator needs to do is keep their oil clean. This is the most important as oil contamination is one of the biggest contributors to equipment failure. We recommend changing the oil every six months if the quality is high. If the oil quality is low, then we recommend changing it every three months.

Rotate Cylinders

Hydraulic tools are, at times, put under an immense amount of pressure. It is essential to consider rotating or even alternating the cylinders from time to time. By providing the cylinders with a break between each use, you are helping keep them in good shape. However, it’s important to note that each cylinder should be properly cleaned between each use to avoid cross-contamination.

Regular Testing

Like any dangerous piece of equipment, one of the best things you can do is regularly test everything to ensure it is in good working order. We prefer to focus on prevention rather than treatment and recommend identifying potential issues before they become a problem.

Professional Repairs

Everyone wants to fix everything themselves. Even when it’s not the smartest thing to do so. We recommend utilising the expertise of a true professional when it comes to repairs. Don’t skimp on cheap tricks or unconventional methods. Instead, ensure your equipment is well taken care of by someone who knows what they are doing. That way, the tool will, in turn, take care of you as well.

Hydraulic equipment is hazardous and should be used with great care. But that doesn’t mean you need to be afraid. Instead, get to know the tool and learn what it takes to make it run at its best while also maintaining your safety.

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ClickTronic ‘Industrial’ Ratchets

Tips For Yearly Hydraulic Maintenance

The square drive of these robust ratchets can be removed and replaced in the other side of the ratchet head so that the wrench will give torque control in both the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Using the principle of ‘offset pawls’, these ratchets feature a robust tooth pattern and a narrow engagement angle, meaning that the wrench is easy to use in tight spaces.

The square drive features a finger grip on the top (‘mushroom’ head) that assists with running down the nut until resistance is met. The ‘Industrial’ ratchet is specifically designed for torque wrench application and provides users with the perfect combination of strength, versatility and ease of use.

Tips For Yearly Hydraulic Maintenance

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  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) screen provides a clear and easy to read display that helps to significantly reduce setting errors.
  • The ClickTronic is programmed to offer twelve different torque units, meaning most countries preferred torque units can be accessed.
  • Factory calibrated to +/-3%, our tried and tested mechanism ensures that the accuracy is retained for longer.
  • Supplied with a Calibration Certificate, which meets the requirements the ISO 6789-2:2017
  • Ergonomic new two piece injection molded handle encompasses advanced technology that transfers an uninterrupted and consistent mechanical movement of the adjusting screws into a digital reading on the scale.
  • Secure push/pull adjustment knob is quick and intuitive to use and prevents accidental wrench adjustment.
  • Unique on a torque wrench, the TimeStrip® gives a visual indication that the wrench is due for re-calibration.

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Safety Precautions for Hydraulic Cylinders

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Safety Precautions for Hydraulic Cylinders

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Tips For Yearly Hydraulic Maintenance

Tips For Yearly Hydraulic Maintenance



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