The Importance of Torque Tool Calibration

The Importance of Torque Tool Calibration


When it comes to torque tools, the mantra is simple: calibration is key. But why? What are the benefits of keeping your torque tools calibrated and why should you make sure you calibrate your torque tools regularly? Let’s explore why calibration is so important.

The Importance of Torque Tool Calibration

What Is Torque Tool Calibration?

To understand why calibration is so important when it comes to torque tools, we first need to understand what calibration means in this context. Simply put, torque tool calibration ensures that a tool is providing accurate readings for the amount of force being applied. If a tool isn’t calibrated properly, then you can’t be sure that the readings are accurate—and if you’re not certain about readings, then using those readings as part of any construction process could be risky.

How Does Calibration Work?

Calibrating a torque tool involves using a load cell (or other testing device) to measure the amount of force being applied by the tool itself. The load cell measures how much force is being applied and then compares it against an accepted standard for accuracy. This comparison allows technicians to determine whether or not the tool is operating within its designed parameters. If it’s not, then adjustments can be made until it is operating within those parameters.

Why Is Calibration Important?

The most obvious reason for calibrating your torque tools is safety—if your tools are not providing accurate readings, then any construction project you undertake could be at risk. Accurate readings mean that projects will be built correctly and safely the first time around, which saves time and money in the long run.

In addition, regular calibration helps extend the life of your tools since they won’t be subject to overuse or misalignment due to inaccurate readings from uncalibrated equipment. Finally, regular calibration helps ensure compliance with industry standards; many industries require that all torque tools used in their facilities adhere to rigorous standards for accuracy and reliability—calibration helps meet those standards and keeps everyone safe on job sites and in workshops alike!

The Importance of Torque Tool Calibration

Despite its seemingly mundane nature, calibrating your torque tools can have an immense impact on both safety and accuracy on job sites or in workshops across all industries. With regular calibration comes improved safety measures as well as increased reliability and extended life spans for all your tools—not bad benefits considering how easy it is to stay up-to-date with calibrations! So don’t wait—get out there and start spinning up those power drills! You’ll thank yourself later!

Our calibration procedures and servicing facilities are all traceable to UKAS standards. Understanding the urgency and importance of customer’s requirements when it really matters means that our fully trained engineers are able to complete calibrations and servicing in under 24 hours, resulting in us becoming one of the most increasingly trusted names in the industry.

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The Importance of Torque Tool Calibration

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The Importance of Torque Tool Calibration



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