SPX Bolting Tensioners


If you are looking for controlled bolting, we offer a complete range of topside tensioners for Rental . We also offer wind tensioners and subsea tensioners for purchase. The spring return tensioner (SRT) is the most used tensioner available on the market today. We can offer a lifetime warranty on all bolting products.

SRT: Top Side Tensioner

Spring Return Bolt Tensioners : Hire & Sale

Spring Return Topside Tensioners

Spring Return, features unique quick release bridge adaptation.

The Spring Return Bolt Tensioner design dramatically increase productivity and saftey on the job site when comparedd  to older technology manual return tensioners.

Bolt coverage from M20 to M115 mm (3/4″ to 4-1/4″) with just 9 tools

Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/API flanges

Fully enclosed load cell design eliminates entry of debris into piston retraction mechanism

Piston over-stroke eliminator to prevent over stroking and blowing a seal.

W Series Hydraulic Wind Tensioners

WSS, WSL, WDD & WSD Wind Tensioners

Our tensioners have quality designed in with standard features that enhance durability and efficiency to get the job done faster and safer

Achieves 90% proof load requirement for ISO 898 Grade 10.9 bolts

Auto-Engaging Geared Nut Rotator

Self-energizing, long life seals 

High-pressure swivel coupling (swivel is optional on WSS & WSL)

19,580 psi (1,350 bar maximum operating pressure)

Automatic piston retraction mechanism

Hydraulic wind tensioners Hire & Sale

SST: Subsea Stud Tensioner

SST: Hydraulic Subsea Stud Tensioners: Rental & Sale

SST: Subsea Stud Tensioner

Our incorporating the quick reaction nut feature reduces diver fatigue, improving diver safety and productivity.

Quick reaction nut, visible piston stroke indication and anti-slip cylinder.

Piston/cylinder misalignment compensation

Anti-slip cylinder surface for improved handling

Anti-corrosion coating

Bolt coverage from 3/4″ to 4″ (M20 to M100)

Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/API flanges, as well as most compact flange designs

SBT : Segmented Bolt Tensioner

Quick reaction nut provides the fastest, most efficient, bolt tensioning solution ever.

In addition to standard features normally associated with Segmented Bolt Tensioners, our system also provides the following benefits:

Quick Reaction Nut, solid nut or puller sleeve versions

Visible piston stroke indication

Piston / cylinder mis-alignment compensation

Available in Subsea and Topsides versions

Designed to fit most flange configurations

SBT: Segmented Bolt Tensioner

SPX Bolting Tensioners

Due to our valued partnerships with SPX Bolting, SPX Powerteam, Norbar, Ingersoll Rand we are able to supply a wide range of equipment with next day delivery and full warranty, our product range includes all products manufactured and supplied by these globally recognised brands, which enables TJI Solutions to bring the ultimate solution to all engineering environments. TJI Solutions is proud for its second to none customer service and can guarantee we will do our utmost to ensure all your needs are met.

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