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SPX Bolting Torque Pumps – TJI Solutions are proud to be a premier distributor for SPX Bolting Systems and SPX Powerteam providing a Lifetime Warranty for all Powerthon products. These leading brands bring the ultimate solution to all engineering environments. SPX have been industry leaders in pumps for over 50 years, suppling the largest manufacturers within the bolting industry. It really was a no brainer to enhance our fleet by adding variations of the best performing pumps. The innovative design takes advantage of a continuously variable output that provides maximum flow within the rated pressure range of the pump.

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Hydraulic Air Torque Pumps
SPX Bolting - Air Torque Pumps

SPX Bolting Air Torque Pumps for Hire & Sale.

SPX Bolting Torque pumps are well known in the industry for their reliability whether that is air or electric torque pumps.

Starting with the classic air operated torque pump that is been in the field for over 50 years and still as popular today whether single port or 4 ports for multiple tool operations these are the work horse of the fleet.

SPX then manufactured the infinity series which increases productivity on the job by continuous pressure for up to 2 x the speed of a typical two stage pump. Jobs get done faster and easier also available in electric with a fan cooled tank for enhanced productivity.

The PE39 series Electric pump is compact and capable of being used vertical or horizontal orientation based on proven pump design.

For reliability in rugged torque wrench applications to support operation and maintenance requirements, lightweight and portable at only 17.7 kg.

As in the Classic air operated torque pump the electric version has been in the field for over 30 years and is therefore tried and tested.

A simple light weight design with a recent upgrade that has created a cost-effective work horse.

Hydraulic Torque Pumps Hire
SPX Bolting Electric Torque Pumps

SPX Bolting Electric Torque Pumps available for Hire & Sale

Topside Air Tensioner Pump
SPX Bolting Tensioning Pumps

SPX Tensioner Pumps available for Hire & Sale

Standard flow tension pump corrosion resistant frame works well for applications near salt water, standard flow ideal for land based [ topside} tension applications where the source is compressed air.

Tensioner pump electric. PE8.
The PE8 is a very high-pressure pump that incorporates proven deign for reliability in rugged bolt tensioning applications. Lightweight and portable at only 20.6 kg.
Subsea tensioner and large tensioner pump. High flow tension pump corrosion resistant frame works well for applications near salt water.

High flow ideal for subsea applications where compressed air is the required source.

Tensioner pump hand. High pressure two speed hand pump for an array of testing and tensioning applications. Two speed design reduces handle effort by 40 percent.

Power Team Manual Pump
SPX Tensioner Hand Pumps

SPX Powerteam Tensioner Hand Pumps available for Hire & Sale

For example, at 70bar (1000PSI) there is five times more flow than that of a traditional 2stage pump and at 275bar (4000PSI) there is two times more flow. All SPX pumps come with two internal relief valves on the output and return to avoid over pressuring.

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