Requirements for Hydraulic Cutting Tools

Requirements for Hydraulic Cutting Tools

There are many different types of cutting tools, but how do you decide which is the right one? and which considerations do you need to make?

  • Safety – When using anything with a blade, you need to make sure operators are aware of all safety procedures. Make sure all protective clothing is worn, and when not using the blade, make sure it is stored correctly.


  • Reliability – Make sure you are using the correct type of cutter for the job required.


  • Performance – The performance and power of a cutter will determine how well it can cut. Different cutters have different outputs and  cutting capacities.


  • Speed – Speed is an important decision when selecting a cutting tool, but make sure you are still picking one with the correct strength. Just because one tool is faster than another, doesn’t mean it is the right tool for the job.

If you would like more advise on requirements for hydraulic cutting tools, please get in touch with us today.


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Requirements for Hydraulic Cutting Tools

Featured Product:

Requirements for Hydraulic Cutting Tools

12V Reciprocating Saw

Ingersoll Rand’s 12V reciprocating saw is the first cordless reciprocating saw designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry. With an adjustable guard and anti-stalling technology, this tool is ready to work as hard as you are.


  • ACCESS: This air-saw-inspired reciprocating saw’s inline, low-profile design allows maximum access to tight spaces.
  • PERFORMANCE: The 12V reciprocating saw is built for controlled cuts and gives you the power to change speed and blade length for the job at hand.
  • COMFORT: Lightweight and cordless, this saw cuts sheet metals and other materials comfortably without having to overexert. It also comes with a rubber over-molded grip to absorb vibration and put less strain on the user.
  • Air-saw-inspired adjustable guide allows flexibility to shorten the blade for confined spaces or use the blade without waste
  • Lightweight, low vibration design cuts sheet metal and other materials comfortably, with less noise than an air saw
  • Geared and in continuous motion for heavier loads and slower speeds, significantly reducing stalling of this cordless reciprocating saw
  • Inline, low-profile design makes accurate cuts in the tightest spaces
  • Patented soft-mount system reduces vibration for extended motor and switch life.
  • Powerful 3,300 SPM runs through fenders, body panels and other metal surfaces in a hurry
  • Impact- and chemical-resistant housing protects against repeated drops and exposure to shop fluids
  • R2.0 Li-Ion battery with fuel gauge for battery charge visibility, so you can better prepare to get more work done with this cordless reciprocating saw
  • Optimized for the vehicle repair industry, body shops, and MRO
  • 3-year warranty


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