Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools

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Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools


Your torque tools’ calibration is a crucial component of quality control. You can avoid connection failures by making sure they are accurately calibrated and that the fastener is tightened with the optimum tension. Without calibration, there is a danger that the bolt connections will be less strong or secure, which could result in a loss of reputation, lost business, and lost clients.

There is no sense using a torque wrench unless it produces accurate results. It is advised to have it calibrated at least once every 5000 uses, or once every 12 months, in order to ensure this. This is the minimal recommended, but for more professional use it is suggested to increase intervals.

Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools


The accuracy of torque tools can be impacted by a variety of factors, which may necessitate more frequent calibrations.

  • Using it in extremely hot, cold, wet, or humid conditions.
  • If it is frequently dropped
  • If there are obvious indications of wear.
  • Incorrect storage.
  • Incorrect use.
  • The frequency of calibration required by your company may fluctuate as a result of ongoing modifications to the ISO Standards for calibrating torque tools.

Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools

  • Ensure the required performance level.
  • Equipment safety is ensured by testing new goods.
  • To ensure worker safety.
  • In order to adhere to industry standards.
  • To verify that the tool is producing the intended results.
  • To deliver a high-calibre serviceReasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools


Precise Calibration

At TJI Solutions, our calibration procedures and servicing facilities are all traceable to UKAS standards. Understanding the urgency and importance of customers requirements when it really matters means that our fully trained engineers are able to complete calibrations and servicing in under 24 hours, resulting in us becoming one of the most increasingly trusted names in the industry.

The certification we offer are as follows;

TJI Solutions is your one stop shop for all your requirements covering all industries and applications. Please get in touch today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Featured Product

Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools

POWER TEAM PB Series: Cordless Hydraulic Pump

The new Power Team PB Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump meets the mark with increased portability, longer run-time, more valve selections and remote “plug and play” control options. The PB Series pumps meet a wide array of high-pressure tool applications where portability and freedom of cordless power is needed.

Whether it is a spreading, nut splitting, lifting, bending, cutting or crimping application, the Power Team PB Series Hydraulic Pumps delivers the power needed to improve productivity while keeping safety in mind.

Value Delivered:

  • 10,000 PSI (690 Bar), 0.45 gallons (1,1 liters) oil capacity provides ample power to effectively cover a wide array of applications and uses for most trades.
  • Cordless, high powered 18VDC Lithium-ion 9.0Ah battery pack offers exceptional run-time.
  • Lightweight, only ~24 pounds (10,9 Kg), making those tight constraint, remote applications stress-free.

Performance you can rely on…

Our new Power Team PB Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump provides ample power for:

  • 90+ ~ pulls using a PTPHB-206 Puller
  • 75+ ~ spreads using a HS2000 Spreader
  • 50+ ~ crimps using a HP35 Crimpers
  • 40+ ~ splits using a HNS150 Nut Splitter
  • 20+ ~ lifts using a C104C Cylinder

Note: Each function achieved was based on one fully charged 9.0Ah battery pack @ maximum operating pressure, contact factory for specific details and materials used.

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  • Compact, Li-ion 18 VDC, 9.0 Ah battery-powered pump provides extended run-time , CE compliant.
  • Two stage, compact high-pressure hydraulic pump offers quick tool advancement in the first stage
  • Extremely compact, lightweight with an ergonomic handle grip and transport strap to ease portability
  • Self-contained, rubber bladder reservoir allows pump usage in most positions with an impressive capacity of 70 cu. in. (1,1 liter) usable
  • Quiet – smooth running, serviceable brushed 18 VDC motor
  • High impact, fiberglass reinforced shroud protects your investment in the most demanding and harsh applications
  • Large valve section to accommodate a vast array of applications



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Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools

Reasons to Calibrate Your Torque Tools



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