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NorTorque Professional Adjustable Reversible ‘Automotive’ Ratchet

NorTorque Professional Adjustable Reversible ‘Automotive’ Ratchet

The  ‘Automotive’ reversible ratchets are designed with compact dimensions and a narrow engagement angle resulting from the 72 tooth pattern. The 200 N·m version is now fitted with a new, high strength 48 tooth reversible ratchet. These features make the wrench ideal for use in the confined spaces of modern motor vehicles and many other applications. These ratchets are available with models to cover from 10 to 200 N·m.

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Professional Adjustable Reversible ‘Automotive’ Ratchet

Norbar’s Professional torque wrench range has become one of the most popular wrench ranges available worldwide.

Pro 15 keeps the core principles of accuracy, durability and comfort in a compact wrench.

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