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PE18 SERIES Powerteam Electric Pump

PE18 SERIES Powerteam Electric Pump


Vanguard Jr. + Power Team 18 series pumps provide two-speed high performance in a light-weight, compact package.

Designed to provide a gauge port and metal reservoir on all pump models.

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PE18 SERIES Powerteam Electric Pump

PE18 SERIES Powerteam Electric Pumpis equipped with a 1⁄2 hp (0,37 kW), 115 volt, 60/50 Hz single phase motor that starts under load. Even at reduced voltage.

Furthermore low amperage draw permits use with smaller generators and low amperage circuits.

  • All pumps have a 10 foot (3 m) remote control.
  • CSA rated for intermittent duty.
  • Noise level of 85-90 dBA.

Operating PE18 SERIES Powerteam Electric Pump


For operating hydraulic crimping, cutting or other tools: No. PE184C – Allows you to alternately operate a spring-return cutting and/or crimping tool without disconnecting either tool.

Select a port connection with a manual 4-way valve, start the pump with a remote control hand switch and extend the connected tool.

When the hand switch is switched to off, the pump stops and the automatic valve opens, allowing the tool to return.

In the center (neutral) position, a manual control valve holds the tool in position at the time valve is shifted.

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