Suitable for a wide range of applications in construction and offshore industries these pumps are covered by a Marathon Lifetime Warranty.

When you purchase your SPX pump there’s a few aspects to consider such as:

  • What maximum system operating pressure (psi) is required for a hydraulic pump?
  • What volume of oil delivery is required? (For manual pumps, cu. in. of oil per handle stroke; for powered pumps, cu. in./min. of oil).
  • Is a single or 2-speed pump required? (2-speed hydraulic pumps deliver high oil volume at low pressure for rapid cylinder piston advance, then shift to the high pressure, low volume stage under load).

Manual (hand or foot operated)
Provides portability, can be used where electricity or shop air are not available.
Uses shop air or a portable air compressor.
Electric /Hydraulic
What voltage is available? Is a battery operated hydraulic pump preferred?
Petrol Engine/Hydraulic
Powers high-output hydraulic pumps at remote job sites where air or electricity are unavailable.

Will the hydraulic pump be used intermittently, or will it need to provide high-cycle operation? Does the application require that the hydraulic pump be capable of starting under load?
Is fluid heat build-up a factor in your application? High cycle SPX pumps may require a larger capacity oil reservoir for cooling. Also, if you are using large displacement cylinders, the reservoir capacity must be sufficient to fully extend the piston of the cylinder.
Will the application require large displacement or multiple cylinders? Reservoir size and pump output levels will be factors to consider.
Does the working environment require a pump having a low operating noise (dBA) level?
Must the pump operate in a spark-free environment?

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