The Power Team range of mechanical and hydraulic push pullers are ideal for removing and installing gears, bearings, pulleys and other press-fitted parts.

We’re proud to stock a wide variety of bearing pullers made by SPX Power Team. A bearing puller can offer you a number of applications such as installing gears, bearings, pulleys and other fitted parts. Equally, they are also used as a wheel bearing removal tool and will provide you with winning performance every time.

Plus, the Power Team range of mechanical and hydraulic bearing pullers are made to the highest possible standard, so you know that you’re getting a model you can trust.

As well as being manufactured to the exacting ASME B30.1 standard, you can enjoy a life time warranty on everything from our mechanical pullers to our other bearing extractor tools.

All of our bearing puller accessory kits, maintenance/security chests and protective blankets support the wide range of pullers on offer as well.

With such a wide range and variety available, we’re confident that we have the perfect model for you whether it’s a mechanical bearing puller or another bearing remover. As aforementioned, with options ranging from basic mechanical pullers to jaw spreads, complete puller and speciality pullers boxed sets and a wide range of accessories, we’ve got every wheel bearing puller option covered. So shop online with us today and place your order with Thompson joint Integrity Solutions.

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