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Our range comes from established hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Power Team. Whether you’re simply jacking a car or you’re involved in bigger engineering projects such as bridge lifting, you’re sure to find the right hydraulic cylinders with us. We have general purpose cylinders and high tonnage cylinders, ensuring that you never need to go anywhere else for your hydraulic cylinder needs. We can also match other brand cylinders such as Enerpac, Larzep or Hi-Force with a SPX Power Team equivalent.

Power Team hydraulic tools and equipment come with a Lifetime Marathon™ Warranty, servicing operations from simple jacking to bridge lifting and mining equipment maintenance. The innovative and unique “Power Tech” surface treatment is a special coating which improves resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Protection against fatigue is provided, whilst surface yield and tensile strength is increased.

Power Team cylinders are particularly effective in explosive environments, as they combat sparking. Before Power Team cylinders leave the factory they are proof tested to 125% of capacity.

Power Team hydraulics, such as their hydraulic pumps are utilised world-wide for applications in industry, construction, rigging, quarrying, marine projects and quality assurance. Power Team pumps operate from 0-700 bar with various power sources such as air, electric, battery, petrol and hand operation. Single or two-speed pumps are available, depending on the buyer’s specification.

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