Norbar Professional Hand Torque Wrenches

Norbar's Professional Hand Torque Wrenches

View our Norbar Professional Hand Torque Wrenches Available For Hire, Buy or Calibration.

Introducing the refined Norbar’s Professional Hand Torque Wrench range: a global favourite since its premiere in 1984. This modern iteration maintains its foundational accuracy, durability, and comfort, with advanced features. It’s equipped with Norbar’s Industrial ratchet, designed for tight spaces, and a reversible square drive for versatile torque control.

Calibrated to ±3%, it upholds its precision over time, coming with an ISO 6789-2:2017 Calibration Certificate. The ergonomic handle ensures a strong grip, and its intuitive push/pull locking mechanism enhances user experience.

Additionally, the unique Timestrip® indicates when re-calibration is due. At TJI Solutions, whether you’re looking to hire or buy, this torque wrench promises both quality and performance.


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