How To Prevent Your Hose Assembly From Getting Damaged

How To Prevent Your Hose Assembly From Getting Damaged


There are many things that can cause damage to your hose assembly, including;

  • Tension in the hose
  • Being poorly fitted
  • Not being maintained
  • Excessive compression
  • High temperatures
  • Fluid incompatibility
  • Abrasion
  • Incorrect length
  • Not being used for what it’s designed for
  • Excessive working pressure

There are some ways you can prevent damage from happening.


  • Maintenance – Make sure you check your hoses on a regular basis for any damage
  • Keep an eye out for leaks – If you see a leak don’t ignore it. Get the hose fixed as soon as possible, and if there’s any fluid leaked out, make sure to clean up to avoid slips, or fire risk.
  • Keep the right temperature – Make sure you check the temperature rating of the hose, and you keep the right temperature for the fluid you are using
  • Repair or replace damaged assemblies – Repair or replace your damaged hose assemblies as soon as possible. Don’t ignore any issues that you find
  • Do not exceed the pressure rating
  • Do not exceed the bend radius
  • Use the right fluid

We offer a complete range of repair services to ensure that your equipment, whether purchased from ourselves or another supplier, remains in safe working order. This includes us providing you with a full certification, to allow for traceability using our service.

Our qualified engineers are on hand 24/7 for the service, repair and maintenance of a wide range of controlled bolting equipment.


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Note: Not for EHN Nut Splitter. For topside EHN, see Twin-Line Topside Torque Wrench Hoses. For Subsea EHN, see Subsea Twin-Line Torque Wrench Hoses.


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9764Hose assembly consisting of 9767 (6′ hose), 1/4″ I.D. polyurethane with 9798 hose half coupler and 9800 dust cap assembly. Complies to MHI Standard IJ100 (2:1 Burst).


Order NumberDescription
9764EHose assembly consisting of 9767E (2m hose), 6mm I.D. polyurethane with 9798 hose half coupler and 9800 dust cap assembly. Complies to CE Standards (4:1 Burst over Nominal pressure ratio).

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