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Keep Your Workshop on the Safe Side


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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The most important thing to remember when it comes to safety is that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is your best friend. This includes things like dust masks, goggles, hearing protection, and gloves—basically items that are specifically designed to protect your body from potential harm. Dust masks and goggles will help protect you from hazardous particles and flying debris. Earplugs or earmuffs will help protect your hearing from noisy tools like drills and saws. And of course, gloves will prevent skin irritation from contact with certain materials or tools. PPE may not be the sexiest fashion statement out there but it’s certainly better than risking injury!

Organisation & Cleanliness

It almost goes without saying that a well-organised workshop is a safe one. Make sure your tools have specific homes so that they don’t end up tucked away in places where they can cause accidents down the road. Also take regular time to clean up any dust or debris in order to prevent slips/trips/falls. Don’t forget about cords either; having them tucked away neatly helps ensure there won’t be any accidental trips over them while you’re rushing around the shop trying to finish up a project before the deadline (we’ve all been there). Speaking of cords…

Power Tool Safety

Power tools can be incredibly helpful for getting projects done quickly—but only if used correctly! Always read all instruction manuals before using a power tool for the first time and make sure you understand how each tool works before using it on an actual project. Also pay attention to safety warnings on power tools themselves; avoid using tools with damaged cords or switches and always unplug tools when not in use (and never pull on cords!). Finally, make sure everyone who uses power tools knows how to shut them off quickly if necessary; sometimes accidents happen even when all other precautions have been taken so being able to hit the kill switch is key!

Working in the workshop can be incredibly rewarding but also potentially hazardous—so let’s make sure we don’t forget about safety while creating something new! Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), organisation/cleanliness, and proper handling of power tools are all essential steps towards making sure our workshops remain fun and safe places for us all to explore our creativity without worrying about unnecessary risks or injuries. By following these simple guidelines, we can enjoy crafting without fear of hazard for years to come!


Featured Product

Powerteam R: 55-565T S/A

Keep Your Workshop on the Safe Side

Single-Acting, Load Return cylinders. The R Series cylinders feature a visible indicator band alerts when stroke limit is reached.  Overflow port (weep hole) stroke limiter prevents piston from being overextended.  Optional swivel load caps reduce the effect of off-center loading tilts up to 5 degrees.  Radial grooves on the top of cap reduce load slippage.

Double-Acting, Hydraulic Return cylinders.  These cylinders come standard with swivel caps to reduce the effects of off-center loading. Built-in safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization of the retraction circuit.  Each cylinders has two 9796 3/8″ NPTF female half couplers.


  • Visible indicator band alerts when stroke limit is reached; overflow port (“weep hole”) stroke limiter prevents piston from being overextended.
  • Alloy heat treated piston and body for reliability and strength.
  • Plated piston rod increases corrosion resistance and gives superior bearing support.

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TJI Solutions specialise in the Sale, Hire and Repair of hydraulic torque and tensioning equipment along with hand, pneumatic and electric torque tooling.

With our extensive knowledge of the industry we are committed to customers supplying innovated solutions alongside commercial initiatives which are complimented by outstanding customer service 24/7 365 days a year. As a close knit family business, we are extremely proud of our moral values and commitment to take personal responsibility for your needs.

Keep Your Workshop on the Safe Side

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Keep Your Workshop on the Safe Side

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Keep Your Workshop on the Safe Side

Keep Your Workshop on the Safe Side



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