The Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry

The Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry


To start off the Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry, let’s go over how hydraulics work.

Hydraulic fluid is used to create power in a Hydraulic system. When a force is added to the system, Hydraulic energy is created as the fluid flows into the cylinder through a valve. Once it passes through the value, it is converted back into mechanical energy, which can be harnessed. Many industries rely on Hydraulic systems around the world; one such industry is the solar industry.

The Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry

Why use Hydraulics in the solar industry?


Nowadays, Hydraulics are a vital part of the solar industry. One specific field they have made a huge difference in is increasing the energy generation of solar panels. When a solar panel is able to follow the path of the sun, it generates up to 25% more energy. Floating solar panels are just one type that utilises Hydraulics to maximise energy production.

The most advanced type of solar panels available today are active solar trackers. They use either motors or Hydraulic cylinders to rotate and light sensors to track the sun. There are two types of active solar trackers; single-axis solar trackers and dual-axis solar trackers.

As the name suggests, single-axis solar trackers are able to track the sun as it moves from east to west and are available with horizontal and vertical axles. Dual-axis trackers, on the other hand, are able to track the sun’s path as it moves east to west and also in the north and south directions too.

Solar tracking systems are becoming more popular as the technology becomes less expensive. There are many benefits to choosing a solar tracking system over a stationary system.

  • They generate more electricity than stationary systems due to their increased direct exposure to solar rays.
  • The ability to choose between single and dual axis make them a versatile option for unique or difficult job sites.
  • The advances in technology have increased their reliability while decreasing their maintenance requirements.

Hydraulics have become essential to the development of the solar industry. The advancements enabled by Hydraulic technology require less maintenance while generating more energy. Without Hydraulics, there would still be technicians manually adjusting solar panel angles throughout the day.

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The Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry

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The Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry

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The Importance of Hydraulics in the Solar Industry



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