Hydraulic Troubleshooting – System Operating Erratically

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Hydraulic Troubleshooting – System Operating Erratically


Hydraulic Troubleshooting

If your system is operating erratically – Check these seven hydraulic troubleshooting tips:


  • The most common one to check is air trapped in the system

  • Make sure the oil isn’t too cold. Allow enough time for it to warm up.

  • Clean or replace any elements or lines

  • Check for leaks

  • Check for dirty or damaged components

  • Clean your components

  • Replace damaged components like bearings and gears

If you still have a problem with your system and the hydraulic troubleshooting tips don’t solve the problem. Get in touch with us today.

Featured Product:

POWER TEAM® Counter Balance Valve



Hydraulic Troubleshooting


Power Team – Counter Balance Valve

Application: Double-acting cylinders. Provides positive holding and controlled, “chatter-free” lowering of a load.

Operation: Load is raised at flow rate of pump, and held when pump is shut off. When the pump is shifted to “retract,” the counter balance valve will continue to hold the load until system pressure exceeds pressure caused by load. The load can then be lowered smoothly to the flow rate of the pump. The counter balance valve is designed to operate with pumps having a high pressure flow rate of up to 120 cu. in./min. (1,9 l/min.) and cylinder ratios of 3 to 1.

CAUTION: The 9720 patented counter balance valve has a pilot pressure as high as 3,000 psi (210 bar). Because this pressure is applied to the rod end of the cylinder while it is already under load, the system should not be sized for loads greater than 80% of cylinder rated capacity.

CAUTION: To prevent sudden, uncontrolled descent of a load as it is being lowered, use a Load Lowering Valve (No. 9596) or Counter Balance Valve (No. 9720) in conjunction with the directional valve used in your application.

9720 – Counter balance valve, including two male and two female half two hydraulic hoses, fittings and dust caps.

9721 – Same as 9720, but does not include couplers, hoses, fittings and dust caps.

View our other Power Team Products

hydraulic troubleshooting


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Hydraulic Troubleshooting



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Hydraulic Troubleshooting – System Operating Erratically

Hydraulic Troubleshooting – System Operating Erratically



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