Hydraulic Machinery in Everyday Life

Hydraulic Machinery in Everyday Life

Hydraulic technology has been around for centuries, yet many don’t realise just how much it is used in everyday life. From heavy machinery to automotive systems and even medical equipment, hydraulic technology is everywhere. Let’s take a look at some of the places where hydraulic technology can be found.

Heavy Machinery

Hydraulic systems are found in all types of heavy machinery such as bulldozers, cranes and excavators. The hydraulic arms on these machines use pressurised fluid to power the arms; this makes them incredibly powerful and capable of lifting massive loads. In addition, the compact size of hydraulic cylinders means that they are perfect for tight spaces where larger motors would not fit. As a result, hydraulic systems are often found in construction sites and factories where space may be limited.

Automotive Systems

Hydraulic technology is also widely used in automotive systems such as brakes, suspensions and transmissions. For example, most modern cars have a power steering system that uses hydraulics to make turning the wheel easier. Additionally, most car brakes use a combination of hydraulics and friction to stop the car safely without skidding or sliding out of control. This helps to ensure that drivers can safely navigate their vehicles in any weather condition.

Medical Equipment

Finally, hydraulic technology has made its way into medical equipment such as stretchers and hospital beds which use hydraulics to adjust height settings with ease. Hospitals also utilise hydraulic lifts to move patients between beds or wheelchairs without putting strain on nurses’ backs or joints when lifting patients manually would be too difficult or dangerous for both patient and nurse alike. In addition to hospitals, hydraulic lifts are also commonly used by mechanics who need to lift large vehicles off the ground in order to perform repairs or maintenance work on them.


The benefits of using hydraulics are clear – they are reliable, efficient and offer tremendous lifting power with minimal effort required from operators or mechanics. As we can see from this article, this technology is used in many different industries all over the world – from heavy machinery to automotive systems and even medical equipment – making it an invaluable asset wherever it goes! For those looking for an efficient solution for their next project or repair job involving heavy lifting or movement needs, consider utilising a hydraulic system for optimal performance results!


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Hydraulic Machinery in Everyday Life

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  • Motor drip cover with carrying handles and lifting lug.
  • Low noise level of 70 dBA@ 10,000 psi (700 bar).
  • In the event of electrical interruption, the Powerteam Electric Pump shuts off and will not start up until the operator presses the pump start button.
  • In addition, 24-volt control circuits on units with remote controls provide additional user/operator safety.

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Hydraulic Technology Used in Famous Structures

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Hydraulic Technology Used in Famous Structures



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