How To Save Energy With Your Hydraulics

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How To Save Energy With Your Hydraulics

Saving energy is becoming more and more important all the time. There are many ways you can make your hydraulic system more efficient, whilst still maximising productivity.

  • Lightweight Materials
    • By using hydraulics with lightweight materials, you are not putting as much pressure on the internal system components, which means you are lowering energy and improving system reliability.
  • Item Location
    • Keeping your hydraulics in a well ventilated area removes the risk of dust and other particles making their way into the filters which can restrict the system and reduce its energy efficiency.
  • Using the right pump for the application
    • By using an over sized pump, you will be increasing energy consumption.
  • Keep system pressure under control
  • Using multiple pumps
    • Sometimes using multiple pumps working together can be more energy efficient that using a single pump.
  • Maintenance
    • By making sure your hydraulic equipment is up to date with maintenance you are ensuring continued energy efficiency,


If you would like more advise on how to save energy with your hydraulics, please get in touch with us today.

Featured Product:

How To Save Energy With Your Hydraulics

SPX Powerteam Motion Control System


SPX Power Team Motion Controller System (MCS) can be used in many hydraulic applications where load position is critical, requiring cylinder synchronization.

Whether it is a bridge, a building or any kind of heavy load, with the SPX Powerteam Motion Control System, lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, tilting or positioning loads can be carried out automatically with a high degree of accuracy.

On the SPX Powerteam Motion Control System, the PLC controlled system is a combination of digital actuation and digital control providing significant advantages such as time savings, repeatability, and extremely low internal stress in the object one is moving. The system also provides documentation for the movement performed.


Key Features

  • Basic systems includes eight (8) jacking points, contact Power Team for larger MCS system requirements.
  • Positioning, lifting or lowering accuracy of +/- 1 mm (0.040 in).
  • Safety features included: full stop due to power failure, sensor failure, pressure overload, tolerance error, uncontrolled load movement, etc.
  • Intuitive graphic, touch screen control.
  • Displayed information included: startup diagnostics, position of lift points relative to starting position, pressure at each lift point, status of each cylinder and status of alarms.
  • MCS works with a wide range of cylinders types, tonnages and strokes to meet your application requirements.
  • Operating pressure (up to) 10,000 psi (700 bar).
  • Standard system has a 40 gallon (150 liters) gallon tank.

Touch Screen Enclosure

  • Weather tight enclosure protects your investment while in storage.
  • Hinged cover provides protection for HMI touch screen.
  • Designed to act as a sun screen in bright conditions.

Data Log and Report

The Power Team MCS has the capability to record the position of each location during the project and can export the data to a .csv file which can be used to create a graph for reports and presentations.


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How To Save Energy With Your Hydraulics

How To Save Energy With Your Hydraulics



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