How To Minimise Equipment Downtime

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How To Minimise Equipment Downtime


What is Equipment Downtime?

Equipment downtime refers to when a piece of machinery is not operating. For example, this may be planned if the equipment needs to be checked or have some preventative maintenance. Downtime can also occur out of the blue if an accident or fault happens or something needs to be repaired. Downtime prevents productivity and can delay production. This may affect orders made by customers, and it is therefore vital that anyone working with hydraulics knows how to minimise equipment downtime.

How to Reduce Equipment Downtime?

The first step that a company can take is to conduct regular inspections of their machinery. It is best to bring in industry experts who know all about the minor components that make up the complex system. If even one small piece of equipment is damaged, this can affect the whole system and cause even greater issues in the future.

Anyone who works with the system should receive proper training. Mishandling of machinery can cause them to be damaged, which leads to equipment downtime as it is repaired. By ensuring employees know how to operate and maintain the equipment they are working with, it is less likely that expensive repairs or replacements will be required down the line.

Accidents happen, and sometimes nothing could have been done to prevent a system from requiring a replacement part. One way that equipment downtime can be minimised is by having spare parts on hand at all times. This way, there is no waiting time for more parts to be ordered and sent, and the machinery can be up and running again after a much shorter span of time. This will save money and productivity loss. If something does go wrong, contacting a specialist who can assess your equipment is a great investment. By delving into exactly why a piece of equipment malfunctioned, the same mistake can be prevented again.

Knowing the lifespan of a piece of equipment is another way to prevent downtime, as it allows you to prepare for when it needs replacement. It also allows workers to focus more on older equipment that may be more prone to breakdowns when undergoing regular maintenance checks.

Equipment downtime is, at times, unavoidable. But there are many ways to reduce the frequency of times that your equipment is unavailable for production, which will save money in the long run.


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How To Minimise Equipment Downtime

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How To Minimise Equipment Downtime

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How To Minimise Equipment Downtime


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How To Minimise Equipment Downtime

How To Minimise Equipment Downtime



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