10 Tips for Preventing Hand Injuries

10 Tips for Preventing Hand Injuries

10 Tips for Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are the second most common injury in the workplace (after back injuries), so today we are sharing some tips on trying to prevent hand injury.

  1. Wear the appropriate type of safety gloves for the job you are doing
  2. Wear gloves that are the right size for you
  3. If you are working with another person, let them know your hands are in a safe position before starting the work
  4. If you can, choose tools that reduce the risk of hand injuries
  5. Read the instructions for the tools you are working with
  6. Make sure the lighting in the area is suitable
  7. Keep your working area clean and free from clutter
  8. Use clamps when possible
  9. Take your time
  10. If in doubt, ask for help

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